On Powerlifting and Brexit

I was inspired by reading this: Few quick thoughts on Brexit

I’ve learned so much from lifting heavy weights.

I turned to it when I was sad and felt fucked over, because it allowed me to exercise some form of control. It allowed me to create a protective shell from the harshness of the world.

I suspect it’s the same reason people in prison lift weights. Same reason poor people buy lotto tickets and other scams. Same reason people vote, especially older people.

Injured and weakened people will do anything at all to not feel that way.

For me, the humility of of working against gravity and the victory of overcoming it keeps me going for months, years. It feels like progress, but to what end?

Before you dismiss UK voters, try to understand that they are acting from a place of weakness and dwindling opportunities.

Look around at America and see that a vast majority of it is in that same position.

We will look back in generations at the hubris of globalization and despair.