Alex’s Guide to Travel

  1. Pack light. One pair light pants, one pair shorts, 2 t-shirts, 1 long-sleeve shirt, one button-up shirt, three pair underwear, two pair socks, one towel, one shaver, one bar soap, passport, visa, atm card.
  2. Bring nothing of value. No laptop, no camera, no iPod.
  3. Enjoy washing your own clothes.
  4. Never worry about where to sleep.
  5. Purchase nothing except food and lodging. No antiques, no jewelry, no tailored clothes.
  6. Share everything with everyone.
  7. Accept anything that is offered.
  8. No guide books. Ever.
  9. Know how to say the following correctly: no problem, yes, no, thank you (very much), goodbye, bathroom, hostel, where. Optionally: want, need, have, like, buy.
  10. Try to talk with everyone in their native tongue.
  11. Eat everything you can find.
  12. Walk or hitch. These are your preferred modes of transportation.
  13. Leave only with what you brought.
  14. Avoid preset return dates.
  15. Avoid travelers.