Case dismissed

On November 29 2021, just after Thanksgiving, I was arrested in Austin for a felony assault charge. On June 16 2022, 6 painful months later, the case was dismissed outright without a trial.

This painful chapter did not end there – an extreme anti-Microsoft conspiracy blogger found the arrest record in the public domain, and has used it as evidence to smear my name and attack my community. This remains ongoing.

As to what actually happened, I’ll let the alleged victim speak for themselves:

In fact, I was the target of the violence in our relationship. We were seeing a therapist about it, and I had moved out of the house a couple of times.

As a man it is difficult to talk about being a victim of domestic violence. If you are feeling stuck, you are not alone. Please reach out to the domestic violence hotline at 800-799-7233 or be candid with a friend.